1st 2020 National Service User Awards Team Meeting

NSUA Mini Bus drawn by events team member Peter
After appointing the Service User Events Team last month, a meeting was held on Wednesday 16th October in Newark to bring the team together to start planning the National Service User Awards 2020. 18 service users from Cygnet Health Care services across the country joined members of Cygnet’s marketing team.

Each service user introduced themselves to the group, speaking about their hobbies, interests and why they wanted to join the team. Everyone got to know each other a little better with some ice breaker games led by Sylvia, one of our returning events team members.

The team discussed thoughts about dress code and colour schemes, they agreed that the day is a great opportunity to dress up for a special occasion and decided on smart with black tie optional. Each team member was given a Service User Events Team T Shirt that they will be able to wear in future meetings as well as keep to remember their experience working together on the awards.

One of the most important tasks of the meeting was choosing the venue for the awards ceremony. There were lots of brilliant suggestions from the team and all spent some time looking at photos and websites to find out more information. After a group vote two venues were shortlisted, and visits to each one will be made before they make the final decision. The events team then headed back to their services, with a task to design a poster to help with the next steps of planning.

Thank you to everyone who attended!

You can visit the Events Team page to read more about each of our team members.

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