Award Categories

The full list of categories for the 2024 National Lived Experience Awards are as follows:

Lived Experience Leader Award
This category is for individuals with lived experience of mental health needs, learning disabilities or autism, who have driven projects forward and shown the qualities of a leader. It for those who have inspired others and made a difference at service level to national level.

Celebrating Diversity Award
This category recognises individual’s or group projects that are working to not only spread awareness and encourage acceptance, but to strive for all of our differences to be celebrated. These projects may focus on diversity of any kind, including cultural, neuro-diversity, gender identity and more.

Hope and Positivity Award
This Award recognises the power of small actions making a big difference. It recognises individuals that are consistently looking out for others and spreading hope and positivity.

Innovation in Recovery Award
The innovation in recovery category is for projects that are innovative and unique, that haven’t been seen before within services. They should be supportive of recovery, whilst showing a creative or original point of view.

Community and Collaboration Award
The Award recognises projects that have brought communities, teams, families, carers and/or services together. We would like to hear about teamwork and outreach.

In addition the Mark Britton Service User Choice Award will return for the 2023 awards and will be decided at the awards ceremony by live vote. Guests will have the opportunity to vote for a runner up in each category, leaving five projects for a final vote at the end of the day. The award is named in memory of Mark Britton, to commemorate the life of an individual who was key to the awards in previous years and who sadly passed away in July 2019.